Timothy Schmalz visits Atlanta!

The Georgia Chapter had the honor of hosting world reowned sculptor Timothy Schmalz at the Capital City Country Club in Brookhaven!

For over 25 years, Timothy has been sculpting large scale sculptures.  He is a figurative artist with his pieces installed worldwide.  Some of his most reputed pieces are installed in historical churches in Rome and the Vatican.  Timothy describes his most important work as visual translations of the Bible.  Although most of his work is upon a spiritual theme he also creates, complex, public sculptures in bronze.  Some of these include monuments that honor veterans and firefighters.  Tim strives to create epic artwork that connects with viewers through design and details that not only touch the viewer on an emotional level, but also allow them to feel somewhat of a “part” of the piece. 

Tim will be unveiling a new permanent piece at St. Peter’s Basillica in September of 2019! Thanks for the amazing presentation and visit to Atlanta Tim! We hope you will come back again soon!

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